Amahl And The Night Visitors

Amahl, a crippled boy, lives in poverty with his mother. One night Amahl and his mother are visited by the Three Kings, the Magi, who are on their way to see the infant Jesus. The villagers and shepherds visit to offer their gifts and to dance for the kings. The kings show the treasures they have brought for the infant Jesus. During the night, the mother succumbs to temptation and steals some of their gold. She is caught, but explains that the money is for her son. The Three Kings tell her to keep it, since Jesus will build his kingdom on love. Amahl's mother sings that she has longed for such a king. Amahl offers his crutch as a gift to Christ. As he hands the crutch over he discovers that he can walk unaided. His mother allows him to accompany the Three Kings on their journey.


Amahl Dominic Lynch
Amahl's mother Lise Christensen
Kaspar Oliver Brignall
Melchior Nick Mogg
Balthazar Matthew Stiff
Page Robert Hazle

Music Director Oliver Gooch
Director Pedro Ribeiro
Assistant Director Jonathan Newsome
Choreographer Philip Joel
Oboe  James Turnbull

London Cantamusica
Capital Arts Children's Choir
London Children's Opera Company
Chorus Director Kathleen Shanks
Répétiteur John Cuthbert

Stage Manager  Daré Emmanuel
Lighting  Sean Cunningham
Props  Ian Murray, Capital Arts
Costumes Little Theatre hire department