A Gnome Is Just For Christmas Play

December in the garden
was cold and damp and the gnomes were
miserable and quarrelling. Would an
unexpected visitor to the garden
change their lives for ever .........?

Granny Gnome is moaning, Posh Gnome and Warehouse Gnome are arguing as usual. Wise Gnome has a book to read but the pages don't turn. The Fishing Gnomes have rods that don't reach the water. Life in the garden was boring and everyone was fed up. Whilst the arrival of the new gnomes, Cowboy Gnomes, Native Indian Gnomes, Soldier Gnomes and Police Gnomes caused some excitement, it looked as if nothing much would change. The Soldier Gnomes, Native Indian Gnomes and Cowboy Gnomes wanted to kill each other and the Police Gnomes saw trouble and danger everywhere.

But listen! What is that noise? It seemed to be raining but only near the pond where the fishing gnomes are standing with their short rods.

The gnomes looked up to see a huge figure looking down on them. The huge figure spoke and Wise Gnome recognised the words of the Great Santa, and the Great Santa was crying.

'Why are you crying?' 'Why did you come here?' The gnomes listened as the Great Santa told them that he had asked the Great Toymaker In The Sky for help as all his elves were ill and he wouldn't be able to finish the toys for the children in time for Christmas. Santa started to cry again. The Fishing Gnomes were worried that they would be flooded out by Santa's tears if they didn't do something soon, so all the gnomes offered to help Santa finish the toys. The gnomes were whisked away to Lapland, guided as always by Rudolf and that very special nose.

The gnomes enjoyed working together in Lapland so much that when they got back home to the garden they forget to argue and, to everyone's amazement the pages started to turn in Wise Gnome's book. He was able to tell them the end of the story. There was another surprise, too, Santa's tears had made the water rise in the pond and the Fishing Gnomes' rods now reached the water.

A Gnome Is Just For Christmas is suitable for primary schools and lower schools (UK) and Junior High (USA) and also suitable for an adult cast performing for children.

A Gnome Is Just For Christmas

Duration: 40 mins

List Of Characters
All the parts are roughly equal giving every child a good part. For any less confident children in the group the Fishing Gnomes can be spoken as a group.

Granny Gnome
Warehouse Gnome
Posh Gnome
Wise Gnome
Fishing Gnome 1
Fishing Gnome 2
Fishing Gnome 3
Native American Gnome 1
Native American Gnome 2
Cowboy Gnome 1
Cowboy Gnome 2
Sergeant Gnome
Soldier Gnome 1
Soldier Gnome 2
Police Gnome 1
Police Gnome 2
The Great Santa

A Gnome Is Just For Christmas package is available in Merchandise:

  • Two hard copy scripts plus unlimited downloads scripts
  • MP3 incidental music
  • Production Notes
  • Licence for five performances

Incidental music to the play

Trinity Guildhall International Playwriting competition
This is an inventive idea with some snappy, funny dialogue from interesting characters. The playwright has an ear for dialogue. 'A Gnome Is Just For Christmas' is a very entertaining piece of work that shows imagination and humour and there is plenty of opportunity for comedy. The device of the book with the page that won't turn is clever and makes to a very effective end to the play.