A Gnome Is Just For Christmas Book

There were seven grumbling and bored gnomes in the garden. Nothing exciting ever happened, though Wise Gnome's book did tell of a Great Santa coming, but no-one knew when. The end of Wise Gnome's story was a mystery as the pages of his book wouldn't turn.

Wise Gnome reminded everyone that another group of gnomes were to come to the garden later that day. Could one be the promised Great Santa? When these new gnomes arrived there was such disappointment in the garden as the Great Santa hadn't come, and the new gnomes were causing trouble.  

The Police Gnomes, though, had heard of the Great Santa. He was noted in their incident book as having a criminal record for coming down chimneys and stealing mince pies and glasses of sherry. This didn't sound like Wise Gnome's Great Santa who made toys for children at Christmas. Who was correct?

The bickering and moaning was halted by heavy rain. The strange thing was, it was only raining by the pond. The Fishing Gnomes were getting very wet. A dark shadow like a cloud hung over them. Then a figure looking like a giant gnome moved forward. The gnomes drew back with fear and trepidation. The figure spoke. Wise Gnome recognised the words he was saying as they were the same words in his book. It was the Great Santa.

The gnomes realised that it wasn't raining at all. The Great Santa was crying. The Great Santa explained that the children's presents wouldn't be finished in time for Christmas, as all his elves who made the toys were ill. He had asked the Great Toymaker In The Sky for help and the next thing he knew here he was in this garden, by the pond. The gnomes were fascinated.    

Arriving a little late, Rudolf, a reindeer with a very red nose, had just managed to park his sleigh. When he saw the gnomes he was so surprised to see how similar the gnomes looked to the Lapland elves.

This gave Rudolf an idea.

Without delay, and much to their surprise, the gnomes found themselves flying to Lapland in Rudolf's sleigh, to help the Great Santa finish the toys in time for Christmas. As they worked in the Toy Factory the gnomes realised that they were in a place of magic. It was fun.

On their return to the garden, the gnomes found that they no longer had cause to argue and grumble. Everyone was happy. Best of all, the pages of Wise Gnome's book had started to turn. The gnomes now knew the end of the story.

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